About Us

Mega Growth International Limited are knitted sweater manufacturer and exporter with head office in Hong Kong, our owned factory is located in China, Just 1.5 hour drive after crossing the border of Hong Kong, it has the following facilities:

- 580 sets hand driven knitting machines ranging from 1.5GG to 16GG
- 182 sets computer automatic knitting machines ranging from 4GG to 14GG
- 240 sets linking machines
- Matching sets of washing & finishing machines
- 85 sets machines included sewing, overlocking and flat locking
- Factory area 16,000 squares meters
- Production capacity is about 220,000 pieces per month

With our computer automatic machines set up, together with well equipped sewing section, we are competitive and flexible in doing all those styles with fancy computer knit pattern or those styles with sewing works in woven/knit fabrics combined with knitted structure. Of course basic knitted styles and crochet are also our main production.

Apart from factory internal inspection lines, we have a separate and independent quality control team which has about 20 staffs, they will ensure all our products ex factory are guarantee with good quality standard and can meet with buyer's satisfaction.

We always put big amount of resource on product development, under our own label "MGAB", and with the efforts of our designer teams, we develop new collections of styles and yarn swatches of two seasons per year for buyers' selection and comments.

Our buyers together with their designers are always keen to visit our showroom in Hong Kong, for sure they can always find new, interesting products and ideas within our collection or from our library of different designs of stitches and patterns.

At present, our products are selling mainly to stores of branded labels in Europe and United States, we do hope with the help of you, we can further increase our selling to these two areas, or exploring to new markets of yours.